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Fic - "Young Immortals " HP/SS (NC17) (Part 7/13)

Title: Young Immortals (Chapter 7 of 13)
Author/artist: winnett
Pairing: Harry/Snape
Rating: PG13 - NC17
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Summary: Ten years have passed and Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny have done nothing but perfect their skills in preparation for their final battle with Voldemort. None of them expected they would run into Snape, let alone did they foresee the price he would demand for his teachings. Well, nobody except maybe Ginny.
Warnings: Blood. Male/Male sexual situations. Language. Rimming. Violence.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based in the world created by J.K.Rowling. They aren't mine and I make no money from them. No toes were intentionally stepped on.
Author's notes: Yet another vampire!bonding!fic that every vampire fanatic must write. What can I say, I love vampire fics. Written prior to Deathly Hallows during NaNoWriMo 2006. Spoilers for all books prior but no intended references to the final book. Thanks so much to asrai99 who has reviewed my story! You are amazing. All mistakes are mine and by all means, let me know if you find any.

Word count: Approximately 5,800 of a total of 55,000

Young Immortals - All Chapters

A/N And now, some of your questions should be answered.


"How do we know we can trust him," Ron asked, stomping from library door to corner to door again. His shoulders were set and he had the look of someone ready to do some major hexing in order to protect his friend. "He could be making it up."

On the bench below the stained-glass window, Ginny sat surrounded by the comforting presence of her friends and hundreds of books. Her legs were pulled up to her chest with her arms wrapped tightly around them. A thoughtful saint gazed down upon the room from the window, dull from the evening's shadows, wearing tattered, brown robes and surrounded by frolicking rodents and birds.

"Ginny, does what he said have any truth to it?" Hermione asked as she reached over to grip Ginny's hand.

"I don't know!" she cried. "I can't remember them. It doesn't feel like a lie, I mean, it could be right…"

"I think it's correct," said Harry in a small voice. The other three looked over at him where he stood in the center of the library, various expressions of shock on their faces. "I mean… It doesn't feel wrong?" He ended his words as a question, unsure of just how he knew that the prophecy sounded right, but knowing, once he heard it, that it was irrefutable.

Like it spoke to something written in his DNA, something threading throughout his entire soul.

Ginny tilted her chin in agreement. "I'm so sorry, Harry."

"It isn't your fault, Gin." With a deep breath he forged on. "Okay, so Hermione, what exactly is this joining thing?"

Earlier, Hermione had written out all of the information she could remember on vampiric blood bonds and joinings. She glanced at the scroll in her left hand, at least fifteen inches long, and passed it over to Harry. She released Ginny's hand and then slouched against the silken wallpaper.

"Well, Harry, let's see. He has to feed from you three times. If you are the only person he has fed from three times it is a more powerful blood joining. The more people he joins with, the weaker the joining is for each individual. Much weaker." She paused, and then added, "And eventually the blood does fade, so it isn't a permanent thing if no more blood drinking is done after a time."

Still, Harry was confused. "Okay, so he drinks more of my blood. What exactly does that do for me? Why is it necessary to join with Snape to kill off Voldemort?" He wanted to know every detail of this nightmare ride.

"First there is a mental connection. You can sense each other's thoughts and sometimes if the bond is really strong, you can telepathically communicate." She cleared her throat and stared down at her hands in her lap as she picked at a fingernail.

"And…" Harry knew Hermione and knew when there was something she didn't want to tell him. He knew it had to be bad.

"And," she said dramatically in imitation, "If there is…closeness involved between the vampire and his…bondmate then there is an exchange of power. Normally, if it was two non-magical individuals, they would share life energy, such as if one was sick the healthy one could give them energy to help the recovery. One vampire named Volacia actually brought her consort back from the dead," she explained impressively. "However, if the two individuals were wizards, they could share their magical energy as well. Essentially, you would have one wizard with twice the powers. If you had two powerful wizards joined, well… you can guess."

Ron turned a shadowed shade of green. "Umm, Hermione?" he asked. "What do you mean by closeness?" He stuffed his hands in his pockets as he peered at her.

"Oh come on Ron, do you want me to spell it out?" she snapped at him.

Harry blushed. He knew exactly what it was Hermione was talking about.

Hermione opened her mouth, faltered, then, "They have to be lovers…. Or even better, in love. Then there really would be no stopping Harry if he had all of Snape's power, too. As vampires are very emotional and sensual beings, the sex and the emotional attachment are vital to their existence."

Harry swallowed past a thick lump in his throat as his three friends looked at him; all held pity in their eyes.

"Well at least you're gay, Harry," Ginny offered weakly.

He looked up into the mosaic masterpiece above him. "I'm not gay, I'm bi," he mumbled. The Dumbledore replacement looked down upon him sadly.

Ron threw an arm around Harry's shoulders. "Well…" Ron drawled, "you really only have to bond with him, mate; I'm sure you don't really have to fuck him."

"Thanks for that very blunt and direct observation, Ron," Harry grumbled as he pulled away from his friend, refusing to look at any of them from his tiny world of disbelief and… anticipation.

"Honestly, while falling in love seems a little far fetched, I'm sure having sex with the man won't be that much of a trial for you, Harry. I mean… you did seem to enjoy it when he fed from you." Harry was shocked to see Hermione blushing after all of those damned smut novels she consumed. She took a deep breath and rushed out the rest of what she wanted to say. "And for Harry to really have the power to do this, isn't it better if he goes the distance here instead of just the halfway mark? Finish it once and for all?"

Logically Harry agreed, but he couldn't help the stiff sense of panic that had curdled in that bottomless pit his stomach had become. Holy fucking hell. Could he do this? He thought of Snape and Snape's lips on this throat and his little head twitched, telling him that yes, yes he could.

With watermelon pink spreading across his cheeks, he wasn't sure what he was more horrified of—the fact that he had to fuck Snape or the fact that he wanted to.


It was Severus' turn to pace. Before the blazing fire—now always warm thanks to the arrival of the 'Heir'—Severus wore a thin route in the rug. The piles of books were now neatly stacked and pushed to the wall.

He'd been a vampire for six years, forced, tricked really—he remembered with bitter rage—by his creator and was turned into this deathless beast. Then he'd been abandoned, uneducated to his new state. He'd known only that he must drink blood and avoid sunlight and that he would gain certain new strengths and powers while losing some of himself in the exchange.

Dark creatures had never been his expertise, only focusing adequate study on werewolves after his close dance with death at the sharp fangs of that idiot Lupin. Of course he knew how a vampire was created, and even as that monster had taken his life away, he'd known exactly what was happening. But he'd had no idea what this 'joining' might be, if it was some banding together in combat—which he had always technically done—or if it meant something more esoteric.

He glanced at the books.

Severus wanted to cry. Damn these vampiric passions. He had killed everything but hate and anger during his years as a Death Eater and now those other, long dormant emotions surfaced, trying to make up for lost time.

Damn it. Damn it all! Severus picked up an aged journal and threw it across the room. It hit the wall and fell with a thump to the floor; one page slipped loose from the bindings and fluttered to a stop before his feet. It had revealed things his own creator never had. Such as he never could have killed himself by not feeding. His new abilities had never been explained to him; he knew they existed but he didn’t understand how to send the blood through his body to charge the super feats he'd read about. He had never been told that he would have this drive to find someone to join with. How simpering did that sound? And that this joining would allow him, and whoever he bound himself to, to share their power.

And that sex strengthened that power and love made it unstoppable.

Severus hated his life, or unlife or nondeath or whatever condition he existed in.

And he hated that he had almost bound himself to that damned veela. That woman was up to something; he bet she knew about this blood joining and that she also knew Severus didn't. Every time she came around he was entranced, all too willing to drink of her blood. Only one more time was needed…

But why was she doing this? She was a Sentinel as well, a watcher of the Order of the Phoenix and its affiliates, stationed all over the globe to keep their eyes and ears open to any of the Dark Lord's activities. But Severus wasn't going to be easily duped again. That vampire had already entrapped Severus during the one vulnerable moment he'd allowed himself in the last decade, he wasn't about to let a veela get him as well.

Plus, he'd realized he'd never checked to see if she even was a Sentinel, he'd just taken her word for it. Merlin, these years in seclusion with nothing but a poorly-dispositioned house-spirit for interpersonal interaction had lost him his edge.

He knew he had to do more research on veela and their powers. He had to avoid the damnable woman until he could make sure he could ward off her draw.

And then there was Harry.

The prophecy of the Weasley girl sounded like he should join with Harry. Did that mean that these past ten years all directed him here, as a vampire residing in a house of the Heir of sodding Gryffindor just to drink his blood three times? Severus didn't often believe in destiny or fate, but he had to chuckle sourly at this new revelation. He and Potter had always been drawn to each other in animosity. Now they were drawn together by the stars, or at least the words of one girl, in unity to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all. As was typical for Severus, he was once again being used by something beyond his own power.

Did he think it worth it?

As Severus stood before the fireplace, he thought back to the taste of that blood, so alive, like ambrosia, like the best of anything he'd ever had—and then he thought about that firm erection against his thigh. A soft moan escaped him at the memory and his heart beat once, heavy and deliberate, as he mulled over the information he'd read about the joining. It would be stronger with sex.

His heart beat again.

A tentative knock on the door startled the normally unflappable man. He turned his head to stare at the door and watched it crack open. A black-haired head poked through and looked over at him.

"Severus," Harry said.

"Come in," Severus replied.

Harry walked into the room, closed the door behind him and leaned against it, his hands resting on the door handle behind him. He looked beautiful, Severus thought, shocking himself. Beautiful and innocent, though he knew the young man was only slightly less innocent than he was himself. He exuded charming insecurity and Severus scolded himself brutally. When had he ever seen insecurity as charming?

Severus made no move and neither did Harry and they stood there as the moments passed them by, the crackling fire a lullaby to the strain in the room. Finally, Harry pushed himself off the door, wiped his palms on his jean legs, and took a step towards him.

"So, umm… Hermione let me know about this joining thing." He dug in his pocket and pulled out a tightly wound scroll and unrolled it. He looked down at the words on the creased parchment and then back up at Severus, holding his gaze. There was something in those bright, green eyes that Severus wondered at. There wasn't any fear there, or abhorrence, but whatever it was, Severus couldn't read, or perhaps it was something he just didn't recognize.

"It looks like Ginny's prophecy wants us to form a blood bond," Harry read from the scroll in a very level and dry voice. Harry looked back up at Severus and asked, "Do you know what that means?"

"I am a vampire, Potter. Of course I know what that means," he spat.

"Okay. Well… Umm… There's another aspect to it. Uhh… if we…" His impersonal façade was breaking down.

Severus decided to take pity on the man. "Sex strengthens it," Severus said with a sigh. Harry nodded, a kind of wild, uneasy look about him. "Are you homosexual, Mr. Potter?" he asked, though he knew the truth already.

Harry shivered, but then said, "I'm bisexual."

"Ah, I see. So you understand the mechanics of male sex."

Harry shrugged, looking as embarrassed as if he was standing naked on stage, and then nodded when Severus made an impatient snort.

In a flash, Severus was before Harry, using one of his newly understood powers. Why bother with that teleporting potion when he could move at such speeds? Harry took in a sharp breath and stepped back towards the door.

"Is that what you want, Potter? To take my power and turn it against the Dark Lord?" he said in seductively dark tones, leaning close, but not close enough to touch the wizard before him.

"I want him done with. I want this lifestyle done with. I want to get on with real living," Harry said with conviction. "If it means joining with you, if it means fucking you, sir, then I'll do it." Harry said the word 'fucking' with such sultry confidence that Severus was taken aback and realized how eager he was to drink from him again.

He leaned closer, breathing in Harry's scent, yet still evading contact. "Do you believe your little friend? That she is a seer and she speaks prophecy?"

Minutely, Harry's chin lifted. "Yes."

"And do you believe that I relayed her prediction accurately, that I didn't somehow twist it to my own benefit?"

Harry's gaze was sharp as it met Severus'. "I don't think you lied about it. And I think you're as shocked about this entire situation as I am." He pulled himself to his full height and looked up into Severus' face. With a cheeky grin he placed a hand on Severus' chest, making that connection that Severus had denied, "And I think you're not at all adverse to this arrangement." He trailed his hand down Severus' front, over his stomach, wrapped it around his waist, and then pulled them flush together. Severus could feel Harry's erection hard against him and sighed as his own rubbed against Harry.

The smell of blood pumping hard through the wizard's veins, furious with life, accosted Severus' nose. He leaned forward and drew in another long breath, absorbing the man's pheromones. Harry tilted his head to one side, exposing his neck, allowing Severus to lick a long path from the base of Harry's neck up to his ear. He could feel the pulse increase; feel the pressure against his sensitive tongue and all he wanted was to bite down and take what was his, what was being freely offered.

Harry pressed his cock up against Severus, busying his hands with removing the thick over-robe in which Severus was always encased. Button after button was undone and the robe fell unceremoniously to the ground like fall oak leaves.

Severus stood there in his shirtsleeves and trousers, sucking and nibbling on Harry's neck. With effort he pulled away from that heaven and tugged Harry's jumper over the young man's head, who by now was fumbling with the buttons on Severus' shirt.

With a growl, Harry said, "Damn, Severus. Too many buttons." Frantically he yanked the shirt open and all of the white buttons flew through the air like tiny snowballs and rattled against the many surfaces they hit.

Topless, they studied each other as emotions, lust and longing, wrestled control of their reason and stability. Severus leaned down again, working on Harry's jeans as the younger man helped him, quickly shucking off the remainder of his clothes.

Merlin, he was beautiful. Severus leaned back and stared at the amazing man before him. Though his hair was a thick nest, he was toned and tanned and his hard cock aimed right for Severus, eagerly leaking with anticipation.

Here a young wizard offered himself to Severus. Completely. Something tugged at his heart and it beat, it beat strong and hard and he knew he wanted Harry like he hadn't wanted anything in far too long. Thick saliva coated his mouth as this canines extended. Harry's eyes widened as Severus leaned forward and buried his face in Harry's neck, sniffing, sensing, feeling Harry. Intoxicating. As his control slipped, he opened his mouth wide and bit.

This was his. Harry was his.

Harry's moan of pain morphed into one of pleasure as Severus began to suck the blood from his veins. The naked man writhed and Severus held him tight as he fed for the second time of his sweet life's fluid. With soft undulations Harry rubbed against Severus, who wanted nothing more than to be naked with his lover. As soon as his hunger was sated, he withdrew and retracted his fangs. Harry whimpered. Then, Severus dropped to his knees and engulfed Harry's prick with his mouth.

"Fuck. Merlin, Severus. Yesss…" The 'yes' emerged so sibilant, Severus was uncertain if Harry spoke parseltongue.

With a deft tongue, Severus nursed Harry's prick with vigor and rapt attention, neglecting not an inch. As he sucked and licked, he felt Harry's balls tighten in his palm and then Harry was tugging at his hair, pulling Severus away. He withdrew and gazed up into Harry's face.


Harry dropped down on the ground next to Severus, panting with want, and reached for Severus' zipper. They both worked to remove his trousers and finally they were fully naked together for the first time.

Harry's eyes were brilliant, blinding with their intensity and Severus read the passion logged there in each golden fleck. He also read uncertainty, but underlying it all was trust. Harry trusted Severus and that nearly broke his beating heart.

Damned be these emotions.

He leaned forward, one hand braced against the floor and the other reaching for Harry's hair. He brushed a strand away and kissed him. It was gentle, the most gentle thing they'd ever shared and when Harry responded, it was as caring as its predecessor.

Harry leaned back into the rug and pulled Severus along with him to spread his body across the younger man's. While Severus was taller, it didn't seem a hindrance, their bodies just clicked. Fit. They kissed languidly, building slow and burning sweet.

Tentatively, Severus thrust, rubbing his cock against Harry, coaxing a moan from him around their dancing tongues. Harry rubbed back and reached around to grab Severus' arse, caressing and massaging the flesh. They rocked back and forth, the friction and tension building, their speed growing and soon kissing was relinquished to harsh breaths and grunts of pleasure.

Harry threw his head back with a cry, pulling and rocking against Severus. He wrapped his legs around Severus' narrow hips, snaking one hand down between them to grab their erections, rubbing them together, merging the precome as Harry started a low pitched keening.

"Yes, Severus…. Merlin, so good. Fuck… Fuck!" and he unloaded his pent up heat, gushing over their combined cocks, the added lubrication forcing Severus to follow Harry at a thoroughbred's pace. The odor, the passion of the man below him, it was too much and soon his entire body spasmed with intensity as he groaned out in pleasure.


Boneless, he collapsed on top of Harry, breathing hard though he didn't need the air to live. It was the pleasure of the breath, the pleasure of the warm body and the come and the blood that he dined on, that every vampire longed to drown in.

"Wow," said Harry after a few moments.

"Indeed," replied Severus.

The two lay in a tangled heap on the floor as the cool air slowly drew out goosebumps over Harry's skin. Severus rolled off Harry, who turned with him, casually tossing an arm over Severus' chest. Slowly, he drew one long finger up and down Severus' skin, causing the tight flesh to twitch.

"'m cold," Harry murmured into Severus' neck, and he tried to burrow deeper, inch more closely to his undead lover.

"Perhaps, we should dress," Severus said with some regret. It meant Harry would leave his arms and currently he felt quite content. Harry lifted his head, looking at Severus with eyes soft and relaxed.

"Yeah, I guess," he said. Dried fluids cemented them together and with a flick of his wrist, Harry banished the mess. Those rose from the floor and Severus gathered his clothing. With a mending charm the buttons flew back through the air and affixed themselves to his shirt. With his outfit bunched in his arms, he turned to watch Harry.

Harry was tugging on his jeans and had one leg in, the other aiming for the leg hole as he hopped to keep his balance. Severus smiled.

He finally got his foot in, pulled his jeans up and buttoned them low on his hips. When he noticed he had an audience he looked up at Severus, his eyes wide and his cheeks a fetching pink.

"What?" he asked.

"Just admiring the view," Severus said. The words just slipped out and they shocked even him.

Harry grinned, slightly crooked and more than a little shy. "Nice view I got, too." He wriggled his eyebrows at Severus, who finally realized he stood there completely naked with only a wad of clothing to salvage his modesty.

With a snort he began to clothe himself, knowing that Harry's view of him couldn't even compare, but he still took enjoyment in making a show of casually buttoning up his shirt, watching Harry's eyes follow the slowly disappearing patch of pale skin.

"So… umm," Harry said. "We need to do this at least one more time." He rushed the words out, flaming as the blood no longer needed in his cock invaded his cheeks. He kept brushing his hand over the back of his head, stirring his hair into an even wilder frenzy.

"I need to feed from you once more, yes. Shall we plan on doing this elsewhere next time? Perhaps a bedroom?" Severus inwardly smirked as the red-faced man's eyes grew wide.

"Ah, yeah. That'd be good." He offered Severus another shy grin, now massaging the back of his neck, and seemed to accept whatever it was he saw in Severus' face because his grin widened and then he turned and left.

Severus pulled on his robe and stood alone in the room. Something inside him rejoiced and he felt like climbing to the tallest point on the roof and whooping to the world. But Severus Snape was a controlled man and would never do such a thing as a whoop, so instead he let slip a light chuckle.


"So, how was it?" The minute Harry closed the door he saw his three friends standing there in the foyer, waiting.

"Sweet Merlin, you weren't listening, were you?" Harry was sure his face glowed with the power of his utter and complete embarrassment.

"Oh yes," Hermione said eagerly. Ron even had a grin on his face.

"We were just sticking around to make sure you were safe." Then he laughed. "'Bout time you actually had a good shag there, mate," he said, clapping Harry on the shoulder.

Ginny was beaming proudly, like she was the hook-up fairy and her match promised hours of mind blowing sex, a white picket fence and many black-haired babies.

"So, who topped?" Ron asked with a glint in his eye.

"Ron!" Harry, Ginny and Hermione all said at once.

"I can't believe you'd ask that," Harry said. Could this moment get any more awkward?

"I can," responded Ginny.

"So, who did top?" asked Hermione. Yes, it could.

"None of your business. Now, if you don't mind… I don’t want to sit in the afterglow with you lot." He turned from them and headed for the stairs, taking them slowly as he thought about their question.

Neither of them topped. Technically, they hadn't even shagged, though it felt fucking amazing. Did they actually need to do the whole penetration thing for this joining to work? Damn. He didn't know where to look for more information and sure as hell wasn't going to ask Hermione. Maybe he would just play it cool and see how the bond actually felt once it started to develop. See if Severus started directing them to actual penetrative sex… God, could he do it? The very thought both annoyed and exhilarated him.


After fitfully tossing in his bed, Harry gave up his attempt at sleep, leaving his room for the veranda in the back. The night blooming flowers filled the air with such intoxicating scents, they soon caressed away Harry's worries and concerns.

The night was pleasant; the stars were out and twinkling jauntily; a quarter moon hung low in the sky. Harry wasn't sure why he was letting this bother him as much as it was. Wasn't it more of a worry that he was entering into a blood joining with a vampire than the fact that he was afraid of actual sex?

"Master?" Harry looked over and saw Josephine's soft glow to his right, framed by pink jasmine.

"Hello, Josephine. And please, call me Harry." His quiet words slipped through the night air.

She stepped forward. "Yes, Harry. Are you well; you seem down?"

"Just thinking…"

"About that squatter in the drawing room?" she asked without her usual vile disdain.

"Why do you hate him so?" Harry asked. "Has he done something to you?"

"He lived here without asking me, without permission from the blood, but something stopped me from evicting him, something has limited my actions. I thought he had done something to either me or the blood. But then you came, and I was so happy and I felt fulfilled again. But still, I couldn't get rid of him," she said sadly.

"Did you, or the bloodline, make a pact with someone from the Order of the Phoenix or maybe Albus Dumbledore?" Harry asked, interested in this limitation binding his ancestral home.

"Yes. Your ancestor was a member of what would evolve into the Order. But he wouldn't give away my power would he?" She looked over at him with full, shimmering tears in her eyes.

"So you don't know if any pact was made?" Harry asked. The house-spirit shook her head.

"Maybe someone from the Order can explain it to us. And Josephine," Harry said softly, placing his hand on her shoulder, "I want Severus here, so he isn't a squatter. Okay?"

She nodded three slow nods, her eyes full of concern. "If you say so, Ma… Harry. I will trust in you." She leaned on him and he wrapped his arm around her, offering a magical construct all the support he could.


"What shall we learn today, sir?" Ginny asked. She perched on a high table in the laboratory, totally disregarding proper lab etiquette and Severus' scowl.

"Tracking charms," he offered as he thinly sliced some tarragon root.

She shook her head. "We studied those pretty extensively. What else have you got?"

"Shielding spells?"

"Nah, I can shield a nuclear blast. Next."

"Absorption enchantments," he offered dully, measuring out the root to the exact milligram.

"Ooh, tell me about those." She seemed delighted.

"You can absorb curses, or for that matter beneficial spells, to add strength to your own curses in retaliation. You haven't studied these?" he asked, curious.

"A little; well not exactly. Sounds interesting!" She bounced off the counter and ran for the door, her red hair swimming through the hair in her wake. Severus shook his head as he added the roots to the softly bubbling cauldron. Bright magenta began swirling in the liqueur as he mixed.

Coming from the stairs, he heard a happy young woman yelling, "Hey everyone, Severus has something new for us!"

He knew that very soon his lab would be full of his students as eager to learn something new as puppies were for a pat. He set the flame under the cauldron to a lower heat and set a status charm on his ingredients. The potion would have to wait.

It dawned on him as he heard the chattering footsteps descending the stairs, that he put something of his aside for them. Now he knew he was certainly out of sorts.

"Severus, we heard good news. So, tell us more about these Absorption charms." Hermione practically glowed and he noticed she was not clutching one of her soft bound novels full of unrealistic sentiment but instead a Muggle notebook and quill.

He conjured some chairs for them and they sat, their full attention on him like it'd never been during their stint as students at Hogwarts. Even Ron Weasley was showing respect. Harry leaned back, relaxed in his chair, a smile on his lips that made Severus' throat go dry. He liked those eyes on him. He liked it very much.

"As you are all combat hardened, I won't go into why Absorption enchantments are useful. If you know the spell or curse is coming, you can prepare and absorb all the magical energy bound to that spell and use it in your own, therefore depleting your own magical well less readily than your enemy's." His hands were grasped behind his back and he paced the laboratory before them.

"Setting up the initial Absorption enchantment takes time. This is not a spontaneous shield or a fast burning hex. There is a full incantation you must recite and you need a clear mind to fully take in the magic without its initial intention coming to fruition. There is also the battle of magical wills… the original spell will not want to be destabilized. It will fight the enchantment, so if you are a weaker wizard it is not an advisable course. However, none of you are weak and I believe you can master this with far less effort that I would assume of any normal wizard or witch."

Ginny grinned and even Ron seemed pleased. Harry practically beamed. Severus began devising new ways to make him smile like that more often.

He continued with the lesson by explaining the theory behind the magic, which Hermione completely absorbed and immediately understood with a few 'ahs' and 'that makes so much sense.' She was frantically writing notes and happily humming to herself. The others seemed less inclined to focus as much on theory, so he explained to Hermione they could discuss more of the theory later and everyone sighed with relief.

Then he told them the incantation: "mei sinus victum navitus a nutus." His four students recited it a few times before they had the exact wording and inflection down. Severus remembered when he had learned this spell from a senior Death Eater. It had taken him almost three hours to assure he had that incantation exact. These truly were extraordinary students. Too bad they hadn't had this drive or knack back in school, he might have enjoyed teaching them then.

"Quiet." The stopped their recitation and gave him their attention. "Listen. Now, one at a time I will send a low level hex at you, you absorb the magic and curse me back with something equally benign. Understood?" They all nodded.

"Ginevra." He tilted his head towards her, his wand out and ready. She stood from her chair and settled into a battle stance reminiscent of jujitsu or other martial art, nodded at him and began to recite the long, Latin incantation.

"Stupefy!" And a red bolt shot from his wand towards Ginny.

She swirled her wand and grabbed the bolt as if it were a lacrosse ball that Severus had just tossed to her. The red flashed and slowly faded, absorbing into Ginny's wand.

"Stupefy!" Ginny called, blasting him with an incredibly burly stunning spell, that crashed through Severus' expertly erected shielding charm and knocked him on his arse.

"Oh Sweet Merlin!" Ginny cried out and ran over to their professor. "Severus, are you okay?" The other three rushed towards Ginny and their fallen teacher as she shook his limp body repeatedly.

"Ginny! You didn't have to bowl the man over," Ron said.

"But I didn't mean to, I just sent a stunning spell at him equivalent to what he sent to me… just … Oh my! That absorption spell really works! I hardly put any effort into that and look how powerful my magic was." She beamed briefly before her gaze dropped back down to Severus, looking worried.

"Eneverate." Ron cast the invigorating spell on Severus and he began to stir.

"Severus?" Harry dropped to his knees next to Severus' side, gently stroking the man's hair away from his face. "You okay?"

Severus moaned and let his head lean into the soft caress. Then his situational circumstance refreshed itself in his bulldozed brain and he immediately stopped nuzzling Harry. With effort, he sat up holding onto his head.

"My, my Miss Weasley. You certainly grasped that spell quickly. Ten points to Gryffindor," he said automatically. The other three chuckled, relieved.

"Why don't you work with Ronald, Hermione and Harry on this and I will observe, safely… from a distance." He got to his feet on his own, accepting no aid from the others, and settled himself into one of the chairs. His temples throbbed.

He watched as they masterfully worked the Absorption enchantment on more intricate and dangerous spells until, to his surprise and almost horror, they started exchanging the Cruciatus Curse, absorbing it and then casting Imperius in response. The four were amazing, the way they worked together, their power level and understanding of magic. He had knowledge like theirs for Potions and he had no doubt he could dominate any of them in that field, but they had that level of knowledge in charms, curses, transfiguration and any other number of other magical families. There could be nobody like them in the world. Not even Voldemort could stand up to this tempest if it ever had the chance to unleash itself upon him.

And it was then that he knew they would win. If only they had the opportunity.


Tags: harry/severus, my fic, young immortals
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