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Fic - "Young Immortals " HP/SS (NC17) (Part 9/13)

Title: Young Immortals (Chapter 9 of 13)
Author/artist: winnett
Pairing: Harry/Snape
Rating: PG13 - NC17
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Summary: Ten years have passed and Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny have done nothing but perfect their skills in preparation for their final battle with Voldemort. None of them expected they would run into Snape, let alone did they foresee the price he would demand for his teachings. Well, nobody except maybe Ginny.
Warnings: Blood. Male/Male sexual situations. Language. Rimming. Violence.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based in the world created by J.K.Rowling. They aren't mine and I make no money from them. No toes were intentionally stepped on.
Author's notes: Yet another vampire!bonding!fic that every vampire fanatic must write. What can I say, I love vampire fics. Written prior to Deathly Hallows during NaNoWriMo 2006. Spoilers for all books prior but no intended references to the final book. Thanks so much to asrai99 who has reviewed my story! You are amazing. All mistakes are mine and by all means, let me know if you find any.

Word count: Approximately 4,000 of a total of 55,000

Young Immortals - All Chapters

A/N - This chapter was quickly reviewed... if anyone finds anything glaringly wrong, please let me know. Please enjoy!


Two people, a man and woman leaning into each other, passed Severus. The woman giggled as the man bent in for a kiss; they smelled strongly of cigarette smoke and martinis. Tail between his legs, a black and white dog slunk away from Severus, recognizing a larger predator. A garbage truck roared by, the exhaust leaving behind a cloud of noxious fumes. Nobody else crossed his path as he stalked up and down the alleys and darker roads to avoid the brightly lit zones where the majority of people settled. He had little interest in visiting the town in the past; other people only annoyed him. Why that veela was after him was a mystery, but he knew he would rather be here, wandering the unlit streets, than in that house. He felt less agitated, the tension in his muscles easing as he haunted the industrial section and warehouses.

His feet propelled him forward, alley by alley to more active streets, until his mind almost felt calm. It was a shock to him, this sense of peace. And then he heard the peals of laughter falling from a window above him.

"Harry, stop being a towel hog, damn it."

"What? They only gave us two; you don't expect me to stand here like a wet rat, do you?"

"Oh, for heaven's sake. Exaresco. There, quit your bitching and come to bed you two."

"Just a minute... There's something…"

Severus looked up as he heard a window scrape open.

"Severus?" Harry called down, surprised. "What're you doing here?"

"I'm not quite sure," Severus admitted in a dry tone. Harry leaned out of the window, bare-chested with damp hair.

"Well, come on up." He glanced over his shoulder. "Wait, I'll meet you down there."

"Harry, what's going on?" Ginny popped her head, wrapped up in an institutional white towel, out of the window, crammed in next to Harry. Something about that annoyed Severus, especially when he could tell she wasn't wearing a shirt. "Oh, hello Professor." Ginny waved at him like seeing her vampire ex-Professor standing outside her hotel window in the middle of the night was normal and common place.

Harry left the window and Severus continued to stare up at the red-headed woman, having nothing to say. "Well," she said, "you can stay up here if you'd like. We only have one bed, but I am sure we can make room for you." Her grin was too innocent to be honest.

Severus growled low, shocking himself. He cleared his throat and said, "That will not be necessary, Miss Weasley."

"Don't worry, sir. It's not like we're all having a tussle together or anything." The young woman had the audacity to smirk at him and then disappeared from the window and closed it.

"Severus?" He turned and there was Harry in the entrance to the little inn, propping the door open with his foot. "Come in; it's cold out." He'd pulled on some clothes, nothing appropriate for the night chill.

"The temperature does not bother me," he said, searching for something, anything to fill the air.

"Yeah, well it bothers me, so please, come in." Harry smiled as his shoulders quaked with a violent shiver and Severus walked towards him like a piece of iron to a magnet. As he drew nearer he could feel the gentle pull of Harry's blood, of their mostly formed joining and he growled again, but one of a much different intent.

He was only a few steps away when Harry's eyes popped open. "Merlin, was it you? Has everything been okay tonight?"

Severus stalled his forward approach and cocked an eyebrow. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh, come on," Harry said crossly. "Why can't you just answer a straight up question?"

With a force of will, and admittedly habit, Severus stood still, waiting Harry out.

"Fine," Harry said, and Severus smirked. "I've been having this… feeling. An odd feeling all night. Like I forgot to turn the stove off or something. Something worrying." Harry stared at him with overly bright eyes. "And then, it was gone for a while. And then I felt something else nagging… and I looked out the window," he gestured towards Severus, "and there you were."

"Yes, something did happen tonight," Severus said simply.

"What?" Harry rushed towards him, letting the door loose and it clicked closed behind him as he took long strides to Severus. His arm reached out as if to touch him, but when he reached the man it held in mid air and then dropped back down to his side. "Are you okay?" he asked, his voice hollow.

"Yes, Harry. I am fine." Severus continued to remain still, fighting against the ache to hold the man before him. He couldn't just give into this desire. He had always been a man of staunch self-control and he would not give in.

Harry shifted from foot to foot, looking agitated. His arms twitched by his sides and then he drew them up and crossed them across his chest covered by a thin, cotton T-shirt. "Please, come in."

Someone laughed down the street and then the sound faded as the people passed by. A breeze twirled dark leaves about in the air. "Are you cold?"

Harry shivered in reply and studied his shoes.

"Harry, there is something… Someone else who I have fed from—two times."

Released from its intense scrutiny of his shoes, Harry's head shot up and Severus was startled at the hard look in his eyes. "Who? Who was it?" Anger and anxiety. The words were full of anger and anxiety.

Shaking his head, Severus fought that urge to close the distance, to console Harry and tell him that it was nobody, nobody would ever come between them and then puncture that enticing skin one more time, just one more time and drink and drink and complete this thing between them that was a nagging itch, and he didn't know if he could hold out any longer and then arms… He felt arms wrap around him and hold him and the nagging lessened and the tension evaporated from his body as he wrapped his own arms around the smaller man in return.

He swore he heard a soft cheering from above, but couldn't be arsed to look up. Not with Harry in his arms.

"Merlin, you feel good." Harry sounded like he'd admitted stealing from Severus' private ingredient stores. "So good. I don't know what to do."

Severus leaned down to burrow his nose in Harry's hair and heard the younger man groan. He tilted his head, opening the arch of his neck to Severus and pressed his body up against him.

A trap, like a trick to take his body, mind and soul and Severus was eager to be caught. He had his Harry in his arms, his rich scent filling his nostrils, his body plastered against his own. Then by gravity their lips found each other, and that one touch, that one simple connection exploded every spark of life in Severus' veins. Soft moans filled his ears and the rest of the world faded away until he felt a tap on his shoulder.

Immediately, he pulled away and turned on the intruder, teeth bared, claws elongated, placing himself between Harry and whatever danger had arrived.

"Whoa there, Severus." Hermione stood back, arms held up in an 'I surrender' pose, wand held loosely in her right hand. "Ginny and I were going for a walk, why don't you two take the room." She tossed an oversized key to Severus and his hand blurred as he reached for it, catching it like a racing snitch.

It took a few deep breaths for Severus to wrap his control around him once again, and he nodded at Hermione. He could feel Harry behind him, his warmth, his smell, and his blood, all screaming his pure presence to the vampire. With his left hand he reached back, still facing the girls, and felt Harry grasp it tightly. The touch soothed his agitation even as it excited him in other more frustrating ways. They turned away from the intruders and with Harry by his side they entered the small inn.

The scent of Harry's passage laid before him a practically visible trail for Severus to follow. Trying to unlock the door proved to be an entirely different matter. His hands shook uncontrollably; there was an eager zing to the air and he couldn't wait to get into the room, couldn't wait to complete this thing they'd started.

"Here, let me." Harry took the key and opened the lock easily. The door swung open on well-greased hinges; Harry walked in, followed by Severus, who pushed the door closed. Finally, turned to look at each other.

The vivid green of Harry's eyes glowed in the low light; his lips parted invitingly while his chest rose with shallow, quick breaths. With a flash the two men collided as they reached for each other. Lips pressed hard, tongues performing fevered, needy choreography. Tasting Harry sent Severus into a demanding frenzy, robbing speech and replacing it with the primal voice of need.

"Merlin, Severus. Fuck. Yess. I want this…you. Please. " The words raced out of Harry's mouth as Severus moved from his lips to bite at his ear; keeping his nips gentle took most of Severus' internal mettle. Tongue and teeth journeyed lower to that sweetest of pressure points and there Severus licked.

A shiver traveled up Harry's body, inch by inch, nerve by nerve. Severus wanted this. This would complete him. Harry would complete him and no matter how much his logical mind argued that this was Potter, the son of his nemesis, what the hell was he thinking, he knew that this was where he belonged.

The pressure of his fangs tingled and at a sluggish pace they elongated, digging into his lip. Opening his mouth wide he positioned his teeth right over the large artery and for the third time he bit and the blood bubbled from that blessed well and flowed sweetly onto his tongue.

"Ohh…" Harry moaned, grinding his erection that hadn't wilted a bit at the pain into Severus' thigh. Severus leaned closer, bending Harry back like a strung bow, dominating and possessing him. Harry's breath puffed in quick pants, brushing Severus' hair at each exhale, causing him to shiver as he drank the warm vitae.

As Severus consumed Harry's blood, as it mingled with every cell of his undead body, molten energy flushed through their bodies, burning, and the world ceased its own insignificant existence. Severus drank and drank, succumbing to something ageless, urged on by the shameless sounds escaping from Harry's lips.

Joining with that raging inferno, relief flooded him, like a two tonne stone had been lifted from his back, and strongest of all was a sense of completion. His hunger receded and he suckled no more, retracting his teeth and then licking at the wound with long sensuous strokes, enticing even more moans from the younger man in his arms.

"Severus, I … I want… "

"Yes, Harry? Whatever it is…" He knew exactly what it was Harry wanted, whose desire was as manifest in Severus as it had to have been in Harry. Instinctively, he pulled back to remove Harry's shirt and Harry scrambled to undo the many buttons on Severus' own. Their undressing was frantic and needy, reminiscent of their previous time together, but still full of equally demanding grace. Trousers hit the floor, then pants and the two men were finally stripped bare. To Severus the sight was heaven, far more beautiful and enrapturing than the veela could ever be.

They stood for a moment, locked in mixed want and uncertain caution, a discordant melody. Finally, Harry stepped forward, arms reaching out and gently brushing up Severus' arms, caressing his biceps, barely ghosting over the Dark Mark.

"It's been a long…" Harry started to speak and Severus felt his fear.

With a calming hand, Severus petted Harry's hair, feeling its thick, yet soft texture. "It's okay; I won't hurt you." He pulled Harry to him again, their bodies melding into each other by his possessive grip. Every inch of skin that touched skin sang with pleasure and delight. Waves of emotions caressed Severus' mind and he knew that finally they were joined, and that it was right and good and he would never have had it any other way.

Harry leaned in and nuzzled Severus' shoulder with his cheek. The gesture caught Severus off guard. "I know you won't hurt me, just… go slow, please?" He looked back up and the two men kissed again, this time slower, full of gentleness and devotion. A kiss like nothing Severus had ever encountered in his life of hard lessons and brutal terms.

Walking backwards towards the bed, Harry's legs hit the edge and he plopped down on the mattress, bouncing with the bedsprings, and Severus tumbled after him, eager to continue the kiss. A chuckle erupted from Harry's chest and Severus propped himself up with his arms and looked down at the younger wizard, somehow fresh and new, at his slightly tanned chest and pale skin normally hidden below shorts, at the red, throbbing head of his cock. His crooked grin showed delight and approval as he leaned back down and devoured the man's right nipple.

"Ahh…" Harry moaned, writhing against Severus, seeking more connection of one body to the other. Severus toyed with the hard nub, licking and nipping at it, then trailed a line of kisses to the other, administering the same focused attention as he had done to the first. Soft moans and groans urged Severus on, while the hisses pushed Severus over the edge, and raw pleas begged for completion. If they'd done this before he had fed, he knew control would have been rare and fleeting, evaporating under the blaze of their need.

Harry's hands were buried in Severus' hair, pulling and pushing, driving to some sort of movement even as his body lay prone beneath the vampire's. Severus left the nipples and drew the tip of his tongue down the center of the man's chest to his navel and licked deep, then pulled back leaving tiny bite marks along the expanse of skin, sucking up little red bruises.

Harry's blunt prick jabbed at his chin, demanding attention, as his tongue circled Harry's bellybutton. "Please…" And how could Severus deny something so plaintive, deny the will of his bond mate?

He took Harry's cock in his mouth, the flavor and texture familiar, yet so new and exciting. He teased and sucked and devoured the warmth; swallowing Harry down to his root, gently rolling his bollocks around in his right hand while teasing his hole with the other. He pulled away from Harry's erection and cast as lubrication charm, filling Harry with warmth and easing the passage of his finger.

Harry made an odd noise and squirmed. "Harry, are you all right?" Severus' words were strained as he halted his progress when all he wanted to do was plunge in, feel that tight warmth. He sensed that the other man was nervous, yet he also felt an overwhelming sense of trust as well, and something he couldn't quite name, but it was warm and comfortable and caused his stomach to clench.

"Yes," he said shakily. "Just… slow… please. I want this, but I've… only done this once and… I didn't…"

A spike of anger surged through Severus at the thought of Harry with anyone other than him. Determinably, he forced the image away. Now was not the time for instinctive reactions. "I know, Harry. I'll be careful."

Slowly he began moving his finger, gently and rhythmically as he continued to suck on Harry, pulling moans out of him and pleas for more and 'yes' and 'oh god right there!'

Severus caressed that magnificent spot deep inside Harry, rubbed the nub that encouraged such pleasure. He pulled out his finger and Harry whined at the loss, but the whine turned to a moan when two fingers were inserted, scissoring to stretch the practically virginal entrance and Severus continued to lick and suck his leaking cock.

Harry was tight and his heat was driving Severus mad with want, his dick aching at the thought of burying itself in deep. He could tell Harry was close as he fucked him with his two digits, but just to make sure he would hurt Harry as little as possible, he inserted another finger, stretching and preparing him.

Finally, when he felt Harry was ready, he stood on the edge of the bed and pulled him closer, positioning his arse at the best angle.

"Ready?" Severus asked through clenched teeth. Harry nodded eagerly, eyes glazed over.

Severus leaned over, pulling Harry's legs up, crushing them between their two bodies. The head of his cock brushed against Harry's entrance, ready to lung like a horse out of the starting blocks, but Severus took it slow. "Press back to me, Harry. Oh Merlin yes… like that," he said breathlessly as Harry pushed back and Severus slowly pressed past that tight ring of muscle.

"God, you feel so…" Severus couldn't find the words. They stayed in that position until Harry relaxed, getting accustomed to the new fullness and he finally nodded, his eyes bright, his features sharp with pleasure.

With deliberate slowness, Severus pulled back all the way, almost popping out and then slid back in, pressing deeply into Harry's welcoming body. Harry moaned, his head thrown back in desire. "Please, Severus… more… I want to feel you, more…."

Severus pulled back out and plunged in, completely sheathing his cock into Harry again and again; slap and moan filled the air as their bodies collided in unison. "Merlin. Fuck!" Severus could tell that Harry was hurting, his muscles unaccustomed to Severus' thickness, but he could also feel that Harry wanted this, desired this and the feedback of his pleasure increased Severus' own ten fold.

Harry arched his back, tilting his hips to meet with Severus on every thrust. But Severus wanted more. He shifted farther forward, his hair falling to veil his face, and pulled Harry's legs up over his shoulders and thrust in again. "Gah!" Harry cried as Severus hit his prostate. And there was little else Severus could do as their dual pleasure engulfed him and took them closer over the precipice of desire.

Leaning on one arm, he brought the other hand down and grasped Harry's cock, warm and heavy and just aching for attention. Thrust, tug, thrust tug, thrusttugthrusttug and Harry screamed out "Severus!" covering them in his sticky come, his arse milking and pulsing around Severus' cock. OhGodMerlin! No defenses in Severus' psyche could stop him from following Harry into that abyss and as he pumped Harry full of his own fluid he felt something inside of him slide into place and he knew that now they were truly, finally joined.

He collapsed on top of Harry, still panting in his afterglow, his cock twitching within the younger man.

"Harry," Severus said softly, petting Harry's sweaty hair out of his eyes. Harry turned his head to peer over at him, looking thoroughly shagged, tired and glassy eyed, and then he smiled. It was brilliant.

Severus pulled out and relaxed into his embrace, snuggling close.

"That was…" Harry said breathlessly.

"Indeed," Severus replied with a chuckle and wrapped his arms around Harry's middle.

Harry's soft laugh joined Severus' and sleep soon took them over.


"Should we wake them?"

"That would be a bit rude, don't you think?"

"Well, how about cover them up, I mean, they have got to be cold, just sprawled out like that. And would you look at that, who knew Severus was so well…"

"Yes, Ginny, I can see that. Yes, let's cover them up. And where do you want to sleep? We could head back to the manor, but I don't feel like walking through the forest in the dark."

"Well, it's almost morning; there will be light enough to see soon. Maybe we can see if Ron isn't busy 'till then."

"Ron? Not busy?" Hermione huffed. "I'd rather sleep with these two."

"They are kind of cute, aren't they?" Ginny giggled quietly. "They fit."

"Yes, they do," said Hermione, warmth softening her words. "They look so content. I haven't seen Harry look that relaxed in far too many years."

Ginny grinned at Hermione and grabbed her arm. "Let's go home." Hermione nodded and followed her friend out. Harry grinned as he heard the door close and buried his nose deeper into Severus' shoulder.


"Come on Severus, work with me here." Harry had Severus' arm thrown over his shoulders and was dragging the man through the forest, which was an interesting feat since Severus had quite a few inches on him. Severus only grumbled, forcing one foot in front of the other as tree branches poked his face and arms. The sun had made the vampire lethargic and they had to stumble through the forest together from the Apparition point.

Ron hadn't answered his knock so Harry had slipped him a note under the door letting him know they had gone home, and Harry knew that the girls had returned earlier.

Finally, after thirteen stumbles, two outright falls and uncountable scratches, they arrived at the great iron gates. A black, iron lion looked down upon him from the top of the gate and growled a greeting.

The walk up the cobbled entry was as easy as a first year potion compared to that through the overgrown forest. They arrived at the door, which opened up for them before Harry even reached out for the door handle. Josephine awaited them, glowing brilliantly.

"Welcome home!" She beamed at Harry, but as her gaze shifted to the vampire he supported, it turned into annoyance.

"You had a visitor, Harry," she said after she returned her gaze back to Harry. "Well, Severus had a visitor." She smirked back at Severus.

Curious, Harry looked over to Severus, who struggled to stand on his own, his face stern. "Really, Severus? Who was it? Someone from the Order?" Who else would it be? Who else knew they were there?

"Yes," Severus said, but didn't meet Harry's eyes. "Another Sentinel." However, Harry could tell there was more. Ever since they completed their blood joining, he could feel Severus, his emotions, his concerns, his joys, even if his visage remained blank.

"Is there something wrong?" Harry asked, placing his hand on Severus' arm. He grew worried; he didn't like the thought of Severus retreating into himself.

"Hey there, welcome back!" Ginny bounced down the staircase, her ponytail bobbing with each step. "You boys have a good night?" She winked at them. Harry grinned back and Severus looked studiously away, his pale skin growing flush.

"Believe it," Harry said, tabling Severus' withholding from him until that evening. "But right now, I think I need a shower and Severus here needs a nap." Harry leaned over and kissed Severus gently on the lips, earning a squeak from Josephine and a squeal from Ginny, both high pitched but conveying entirely different messages.

He helped Severus to the drawing room then retired to his own room and stripped down. His reflection in the mirror showed his firm shape and motley tan. Right at the base of his neck were puncture marks, faint, but visible. His hand reached up and he ghosted fingers across the tender wound and felt a tingle shiver down his spine and his cock stir slightly.

Merlin, he had never felt anything like what he was feeling right now. Was it the blood joining that created this feeling of… belonging? Or was it something more real, something that was just them, having nothing to do with blood and prophecy?


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